Events and Conferences

Recently we have hosted two conferences, in London on 23rd January 2009, at One Great George Street and in Manchester Art Gallery, on the 26th February 2009.

These events highlighted the key findings and practical outcomes of the 3-year EPSRC-funded BIG IDEAS project which sought to bring a fresh perspective to competitiveness in the UK Construction Industry. The project originated from a feeling that the industry improvement agenda was becoming increasingly disconnected from the day-to-day challenges faced by firms in the construction sector. The research was aimed at bridging this gap and is based on extensive collaboration with industry. As a result of the research we have been able to explain new things about the way firms establish and maintain their competitive position.

Please note that the events did not focus on the things that usually get talked about. They were KPI-free zones, with no generic improvement recipes and no exhortations blindly to adopt lessons from other sectors. Instead, the events offered a rich array of challenging ideas coupled with some evidence-based recommendations. Above all else, these days challenged existing thinking, offered new approaches and stimulated debate.

The speakers included experienced academics from construction-related departments at the Universities of Loughborough, Reading and Salford together with key contributions from senior representatives of industry. To view and download the presentations from these events please select from the list below.

Presentations from the events